Review 2024: Tried, Tested And Still A Very Good Cam Site

Live Jasmin is webcam model adult website where performances can be observed by customers and fans. The talent is from all over the world and its shows provide nudity and/or conversation with visitors. Because it is explicit, one must be 18 years of age to engage in its contents.

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Unlike porn, which can be viewed by anybody at any age as long as they have internet access, this type of site was created for adults only. Besides, just because children and young teens are able to access and watch porn, does not mean they should be watching it. But if you are 18 or older this type of sight is perfectly fine for you.

How Does Live Jasmin Work?

Women, men and couples sign up to the site to become webcam performers. If they are alone or they are together as a couple, whoever signs up for LiveJasmine is able to perform in shows that they carry out either in their home or place of broadcasting. On the performer side of things, they flesh out a profile and list their abilities and interests so they can be searched by potential fans in the future.

Conversely the voyeurs, or those who watch the cams themselves, have the ability to watch for free, with areas of the site limited and only for paying customers.

The ability to provide free shows gives Live Jasmin a leg up on some cam sites that require a fee just to join.

It also grants models exposure they would otherwise normally not get. Free customers can upgrade at any time, either paying for shows that are live or prerecorded, as well as obtaining credits.

What Are Credits & What Are They Used For?

LiveJasmin Credits
Even though money is used on Live Jasmin, it is converted into digital currency known as credits. Credits are what allows paying members to partake in activities that are not available for free members. This includes any number of things, such as private shows from their favorite models, tipping performers, or unlocking content that has been hidden and necessitates a purchase to be seen. An example of restricted content that needs a credit transaction to view are nude albums of a performer. The credits models ‘earn’ are what they cash out to generate an income.

Using a credit system is a much more efficient way of paying for tips, content, and services then other ways. What’s a credit system, you don’t have to take out your credit card or bank card every time you want to purchase something. You didn’t upload a set amount of credits into your account and then you can use it whenever you wish. Even though you can have dozens of transactions, your card will only be charged once for the total amount of credits that you request.

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Since casual visitors may not want to buy credits until they see a model they like, purchasing them is made available on profiles and various places of the platform. There are very few regions where acquiring credits is not allowed. The process with which to obtain credits is a safe and secure transaction with your card or bank information. If you do not feel secure giving your credit card information to an adult site, then you can also use PayPal to pay for the credits. PayPal is a great middleman and is used all over the internet.


By far profiles are the most crucial component for models, and the life blood of Live Jasmin. This is because it is a virtual office for performers, where important information is shared with fans and visitors. Besides the typical, age, gender and interests listed, this is where the talent can leave locked content that will give them more credits, which will in turn, pad their bank account.

So if you find a performer that you really like, you are free to go back and purchase all of the content that they have on their profile. It doesn’t matter how old the content is or when you became a member, if it is available then you can purchase it.

The amount of material on a model’s profile is decided by the performer themselves, with only a few spaces required. It is prudent that the profile offers as much content as possible however, if their end goal is transparency and the acquisition of new fans.

Profiles are also necessary for both free visitors and members because it is where the relationship between users and performers begins. The two (or more) can communicate through messages or comments, but usually is done through a chat room specific to the model(s). You may be surprised to learn that stars who have a full profile filled out with not only their purchasable content, but also with their hobbies, likes, dreams, and goals, do better on average than other stars. This is because people want to connect to a person, even if they are being paid for adult entertainment.

Number Of Models

Live Jasmin Models
Live Jasmin has thousands of models employed through their site, making the platform one of the largest cam hubs in the world. They boast that at least 2,000 men and women are streaming at all hours of the day, giving fans an innumerable amount of choices to watch and participate in. These types of streaming websites are extremely popular and one of the reasons for their popularity is the sheer amount of variety and constantly can produce within a 24-hour window of time. This means that if you are unable to find anything that you enjoy, all you have to do is come back and wanted 2 hours and there will be much more new content for you to indulge yourself in.

Sifting through this giant pack of people can seem daunting, which is why they employ a Favorites system, that is a heart icon to remind you of the models you are most smitten with. This eliminates the headache of having to search for them later when you want to revisit their profile.


The amount of performers on Live Jasmin allows them to fully embrace a large diversity of models by sex, ethnicity and preferences. The fact that there are so many shows and content is a huge advantage, as they are able to spread the widest net as to what they can offer potential fans. With 5 languages and countless body and hair types, there is something for everyone. You can search for anything you like using search functions. Because there are so many cameras online at any one time, you’ll be able to find someone who is live that is doing something that satisfies your needs.


With hundreds of models to sort through at any given time, organization is the key to Live Jasmin’s success of satisfying customers. This is because there are a large number of categories that can be filtered down to best serve a member’s needs. Even free visitors can surf the site unabated, however their access will be restricted in certain areas that require the use of credits. But you don’t have to leave an area that you enjoy if you want to buy credits. You are able to buy credits in different sections of the website and even open up in a new tab and buy credits that way as well.

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Live Jasmin incorporates easy to use panels that can be clicked or touched, depending upon the medium in which the site is accessed. It is simple to navigate, and a member’s homepage provides their mailbox and favorites, among other pertinent information.


A logical starting point to one’s preferences, some of the most prevalent categories include: Amateur, Celebrity, Girl, Newbie, Lesbian, Porn Star, Couples, and more. Any time a section is clicked and entered, the choices narrow down to the visitor’s desires. Show Types is another area where the algorithm works its magic. Private Chat, Free Chat, Video Call, VIP Show, etc. represent some of the choices found here.

Since Live Jasmin features performers from all over the globe, Language is a necessary category to make communication between parties seamless. English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian are offered.

The Appearance and Hair sections provide the autonomy for users to select an aesthetic they are attracted to or interests them. This can be whittled down even further by an age category.

Finally, a Willingness section addresses the fetishes of members. Anal Sex, Striptease, Smoking, and Fingering are a few of the 9 options listed.

Most Common Types Of Shows?

LiveJasmin Show
Almost every type of show imaginable is found on Live Jasmin, as long as it does not promote hate and abides by their terms of service. That said, most commonly you will find dirty talk and stripteases in particular. Frequently models chat with their fans and earn credits by performing tasks that their audience desires. Private and group chat can limit who witnesses nudity or a sex act, as those who have exchanged credits with the model are the only ones that can participate in the activity.


The Awards section on Live Jasmin serves two purposes simultaneously. For starters, it is a type of feedback, where the most popular models can be rewarded for their looks, services, and chat abilities. It is one of several ways standard customers can have a voice on the site and communicate with fellow members about who their favorites are and why.

Awards are also very important to the models themselves, because more points will garner them more attention, and in theory more money (credits) by expanding their audience. There are a ‘Top 100 Models’ that have a certain amount of time to remain there, before the voting and point rewarding process begins anew.