SmartBang Review: Find Fuck Buddies Fast!

SmartBang Review
If you are like many of the millions of people in the dating world who are tired of the stupid games and just want to find someone to hook up with without any muss or fuss, then you must be getting tired of loading the same old apps like Tinder and OkCupid over and over again.

These dating websites promise you the entire sexual world and all of its fun at the tips of your fingers. But when you finally sign up and look around, you get the dating equivalent of a wet turkey sandwich with old cheese. So many people hate dating now, they take themselves off the market.

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This sounds like a good solution in the short-term, but this solution turns into another problem in the long-term. By taking yourself out of the dating market, you’re more likely to end up alone. So it sounds like the options are two either end up alone or suffer through dozens and dozens of lackluster dates with no hope of seeing your new friend across the table naked. So what is an irritated person supposed to do? Here’s what they can do: they can sign up to SmartBang.

What is SmartBang?

Now I know what you’re thinking.” you sounded like you had a solution for me, but this is just another stupid dating site! I’m out of here!” Believe us; we know how you’re feeling. But don’t close the tab just yet. Yes, we are suggesting that you sign up for a brand new dating site.

smart bangBut this site isn’t like Tinder or OkCupid. No one is on Smartbang to make friends or develop a permanent relationship. Everyone who is signed up to this website is here to do one thing, and one thing only: fuck. We are completely serious.

But SmartBang is not just any old dating or hookup website. It is a website that integrates intelligent algorithms that analyze your answers and pairs you with the right woman or man for you. You will no longer have to search through hundreds and hundreds of profiles. Besides, that gets old after the first 10 minutes.

Most people who use Tinder or OkCupid just keep swiping and reloading the page without really looking at the people they are accepting. When you use SmartBang, you don’t need to continuously swipe to match with someone. Just choose from the collection of totally hot and horny women who are truly DTF.

How does SmartBang work?

When a potential user loads the home page, a big blue sign says “Get started.” Once they click on this button, they must have a website if they are male or female and if the last relationship they had was a long-term relationship, a same-sex experience, or a one-night stand. The user must then answer what they are looking for in their next relationship: Sexy chaps, hookups, or serious dating.

After that, if you are a man, he can pick a girl to talk with. If you are a woman, you have four men to pick from. Then you must press the finalize button, Which will finally take you to a list of rules that the website has. All users must read these rules so there can be consent when hooking up with strangers and potential dates.

Then you will be taken to a different screen where you must sign up with your real name, email, and password. Expect the process to take 10 minutes. It is longer than normal dating or hookup sites, but this is the reason why SmartBang is much better than Tinder or OkCupid.

After you complete the initial process, you have the option of filling out your biography and uploading a picture. Although this stuff is not mandatory, and you can skip it and start talking to men and women, filling out your biography will increase your chances exponentially. No one wishes to talk to a faceless entity that they cannot learn about.

Now that you’re all done, you are now free to message anyone you want or enter into a group chat and talk to people there. You can also link your dating profile to your Instagram or Facebook.

Why do people use SmartBang?

Most people who use this website do so because it is a sprinkles website with no frills or issues. Everyone who signs up and uses Smartbang is ready and willing to have hot sex. The website does its due diligence and seeks out hot young women who just can’t keep their panties on and then finds horny dudes to connect them with.

Finding even one woman who wants to respond to their message is one of the trials of being a man in the dating world. But this website does a good job of connecting people either one-on-one or in group chats so an actual connection can be made.

Best Features of Smartbang

There are loads of different features and tools on this site, but what are the main reasons why SmartBangs’ customer base keeps coming back over and over again?

  • Intelligent algorithms – the initial personality test you take is actually an advanced intelligent algorithm that pairs you with the right person. This algorithm cut down on all the bullshit so you can quickly find someone to hook up with.
  • Millions of users – unlike other sites that say there are tons of horny singles in your area, SmartBang actually has millions of users on his website. There are so many people on the side that you’ll never run into the same person twice!
  • Online group chats: Messaging someone one-on-one can be difficult, and one wrong sentence can ruin your interaction. It is much more natural in the real world to talk to people you meet in your daily life. But a great substitute for natural conversation is group chats. Join a chat about a subject you like, and you’ll make more friends and better conversations.
  • The open sexual environment – even though we now live in the 21st century, there are still many poops out there who don’t want to talk about that’s it all. But when you sign up to SmartBang, you will be joining my community that not only love talking about sex but loves having it and is not shy about where they want to do it and who they want to do it with.
  • SSL certificate: No matter what website you frequent, you should always be aware of hackers and cybercriminals trying to steal your identification. Luckily, this website has the appropriate Certifications so that your credit card information always stays hidden. The website is more than 17 years old, and it has a certified WHOIS registration date.
User reviews of SmartBang

A lot of men who use SmartBang are happy with their experience and visit it frequently. One of the biggest reasons men like this website compared to other websites like Tinder or Bumble is that there are more women than men. As mentioned above, there are millions of users on this site, but there are about 10% more women than men. So if you are a man, your messages to believe will not be drowned out by hundreds of other dudes trying to get their dick wet.

Also, the group chats are a major plus. A lot of men do not have good conversational skills, and that really brings them down when trying to send personal messages to the women they’re interested in. Now we’re not talking about losers who send dick pics to women within the first three sentences of talking to a girl.

We’re talking about real men who want to have an actual conversation. Group chats allow these men to find chats and introduce themselves to a number of men and women. There is no longer the pressure of a one-to-one conversation. Anyone can connect to a man or woman naturally.


All in all, it seems then Smartbangs is an intelligent and intuitive website that uses an advanced algorithm to connect men to women and women to men. But this website is great for both genders but is it is especially helpful towards men since there are 10% more women than there are men.

That means a man will not have to battle it out with dozens of other dudes all for one woman. And the use of group chat to encourage conversation and friendship is definitely a plus. Instead of sending a cold private message to the man or woman of your dreams, you can find a potential romantic partner or hookup while talking about your favorite TV show or book. This site is free to use, and you never have to give money in order to talk to somebody. However, this means that you have to watch ads.

So if you’re tired of the dating scene and you feel like you want to give up, take it out, but one more month a sign up to SmartBangs. You won’t regret it. We really mean it.

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